Basic Facility

1、Professional Experience:  More than 20 chemists are involved in our R&D activities among whom 50% is graduates, in which more than 20% is Ph.Ds. These chemists have worked in related field more than 3-8 years and good at organometallics, heterocycle, chiral synthesis etc. So our team has enough professional experience to persue excellent research, process and manufaction jobs. 


2、Manufaction Ablity: More than 500Mresarch Lab. and 3 manufaction base sited in Liaoning Province and Henan Province, which have 200L,500L,1000L,5000L and 10000L reactors. So we can make from 50kg to tons manufaction tast.


3、Analysis and Testing: Based on Technology Park’s service, we can conveniently make NMR(H,C,P,F,etc), HPLC, GCMS and other test. This facility help us to persue any research and process jobs.


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